NTT Com Unveils Next Generation Global Super Link Service

NTT Communications announced today that the company will launch Global Super Link, a virtual end-to-end Ethernet data transmission service. The service will be available between Japan and the United States on July 1st, 2005, followed by a worldwide rollout linking major cities.

Global Super Link is the world's first full-scale commercial service of its kind, providing enterprise users with high-speed, high-bandwidth, cost-effective global data transmission that accommodates their usage patterns. The service offers the security of a closed-network service over an open-network environment, taking advantage of NTT Com's Ethernet over MPLS technology based on its Tier 1 backbone and world class network management.

Enterprise users can choose two transmission speed options of 45 Mbps or 100 Mbps depending on their bandwidth needs and data traffic patterns. Users can transmit up to one terabyte of data per month for a fixed cost, after which they are charged per-gigabyte for any additional data transmission. Unlimited usage at a fixed monthly cost is available with the 45 Mbps option.

"Multinational corporations today are furthering their global collaboration in product development and design, which requires large volumes of data transmission among geographically dispersed locations," says Kimio Tamura, Vice President of the Product Management Group at NTT Com's Global Services Business Division. "Global Super Link provides corporate users with an alternative to leased circuits for high-volume data transfers while maintaining quality and pricing flexibility."

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