The future of mobility

Nokia 6230i

Nokia showcases latest 3G, multimedia and enterprise innovations at CeBIT 2005

During the CeBIT 2005 show, Nokia reinforced its vision of mobility with its latest innovations for 3G WCDMA, multimedia and enterprise. In addition to its range of smart multimedia handsets and enterprise products, Nokia demonstrated for the first time the recently announced Nokia 6230i megapixel cameraphone, the Nokia 6021 and the Nokia 6030, as well as a new line of mobile holders and a car kit solution.

Nokia demonstrated its commitment to 3G with its recently launched 3G imaging smartphone, the Nokia 6680 and its EDGE-enabled variant, the Nokia 6681. Based on the leading Series 60 platform, the Nokia 6680 imaging smartphone is optimized for visual sharing, boasting two cameras as well as an in-built flash. Both models support the Nokia XpressPrint printing solution, enabling easy printing with a wide range of compatible printers and photo kiosks. With the smartphone market expected to exceed 50 million units in 2005, Nokia will continue to expand its portfolio of smart multimedia products to deliver the benefits of digital convergence to consumers worldwide.

Reinforcing the importance of music as the next big development in mobile multimedia and a key driver for mobile growth, one of the highlights was the new mobile music solution unveiled by Nokia and Loudeye for operators last month. It enables operators to offer comprehensive branded mobile music services for their customers, and Nokia announced O2 Germany as the first operator customer. Nokia had also announced collaboration with Microsoft to make it easier for consumers to enjoy digital music whenever and wherever they want, without having to worry about digital formats.

Another strategic Nokia product showcased at CeBIT 2005 was the new Nokia 6101 fold camera phone. Featuring a classic, sophisticated design, the Nokia 6101 is Nokia's first mobile phone, which provides operators with exclusive operator designs and an extensive range of software customization options. The introduction of the Nokia 6101 reinforces the role of customization in mobile devices, a growing industry trend and key driver of mobile growth.

Nokia also demonstrated how businesses could improve their performance through extended mobility. With business-optimized devices such as the Nokia 9300 enterprise smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator, together with a portfolio of mobile business-optimized gateways for corporate networks, companies can realize the true benefits of mobility. At the Business Mobility showcase, wireless email, Internet and a range of virtual private network products, including SSL VPN, IP VPN, and firewalls were featured. Nokia's offerings with leading application vendors provide choice and ensure the best user experience for companies mobilizing their workforces.

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