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Researchers unveil mystery inside lithium oxygen batteries

With a high energy density, Li-O2 batteries have become a state-of-the-art battery technology. Inside the Li-O2 battery, the generation and disintegration of the discharged product solid lithium peroxide (Li2O2) have a significant ...

Drawing data at the nanometer scale

A method to draw data in an area smaller than 10 nanometers has been proposed in a recent study published in Physical Review Letters

Metastable states of floating crystals

A research team led by the GRASP—Group of Research and Applications in Statistical Physics—at the University of Liège (Belgium), demonstrates how to manipulate the mesh, shape and symmetry of floating crystals by wandering, ...

Solving stability problems of relevant graphene derivatives

In the last decades, a new synthetic approach has been developed, generally termed as "on-surface synthesis" that substantially departs from standard wet-chemistry. Instead of the three-dimensional space of solvents in the ...

Research team creates new magnetic quasiparticle

From The City College of New York's Center for Discovery and Innovation and the Physics Department comes news of a new type of magnetic quasiparticle created by coupling light to a stack of ultrathin two-dimensional magnets. ...

New phases of water detected

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have discovered that water in a one-molecule layer acts like neither a liquid nor a solid, and that it becomes highly conductive at high pressures.

Producing hydrogen from seawater

In her research on bone tissue engineering, Dr. Marta Cerruti has worked for years with graphene, a single sheet of carbon atoms with incredible properties—electrical conductivity and the ability to support tremendous weight. ...

Nanomolding could speed discovery of new topological materials

Nanomolding of topological nanowires could speed the discovery of new materials for applications such as quantum computing, microelectronics and clean-energy catalysts, according to an article co-authored by Judy Cha, professor ...

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Nanoscale fluid-phase changes revealed

Millions of barrels of oil are produced daily from shale reservoirs, yet a significant amount remains untouched, trapped in molecular-sized pores on a nanoscale. Current reservoir models can't predict oil behavior or recovery ...

Researchers create flow-driven rotors at the nanoscale

Researchers from TU Delft have constructed the smallest flow-driven motors in the world. Inspired by iconic Dutch windmills and biological motor proteins, they created a self-configuring, flow-driven rotor from DNA that converts ...