Publishing monthly, Nature Water covers all aspects of research that are connected to this evolving relationship between society and water resources. We publish in the natural sciences (primarily Earth and environmental science), in engineering (including environmental, civil, chemical and materials engineering), and in the social sciences (economics, human geography and sociology, among other disciplines), with a particular interest in regards to interdisciplinary research. Our aim is to publish studies that will have an impact on fundamental understanding, on practical technological applications and on the potential for policy implementation.

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A new model for measuring global water storage

In their recent publication in Nature Water, D-BAUG researchers Junyang Gou and Professor Benedikt Soja introduced a finely resolved model of terrestrial water storage using a novel deep learning approach.

Study quantifies how aquifer depletion threatens crop yields

Three decades of data have informed a new Nebraska-led study that shows how the depletion of groundwater—the same that many farmers rely on for irrigation—can threaten food production amid drought and drier climes.

How mountains affect El Niño-induced winter precipitation

A consideration of how mountains influence El Niño and La Niña-induced precipitation change in western North America may be the ticket to more informed water conservation planning along the Colorado River, new research ...

How can we evaluate the quality of global water models?

A new international study has tested the extent to which global water models agree with one another and with observational data. Using a new evaluation approach, the research team, which includes IIASA researchers, can show ...

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