Light: Science & Applications (LSA) publishes high quality optics and photonics research from around the world. The Journal covers fundamental research as well as the important issues in engineering and applied sciences that are related to optics and photonics.


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New method uses noise to make spectrometers more accurate

Optical spectrometers are instruments with a wide variety of uses. By measuring the intensity of light across different wavelengths, they can be used to image tissues or measure the chemical composition of everything from ...

Polarimetric parity-time-symmetric photonic system

Parity-time-symmetric photonic and optoelectronic systems are being intensively explored recently, which has been bringing about significant fundamental physics and technological outcomes. One of the main characteristics ...

New machine to probe the ultrafast motion of matter

Researchers have established a novel high-frequency laser facility at the University of Tokyo. The coherent extreme ultraviolet light source can reveal details of biological or physical samples with unprecedented clarity. ...

Single photon emission from isolated monolayer islands of InGaN

Single photon emitters are essential devices for the realization of future optical quantum technologies including optical quantum computing and quantum key distribution. Towards this goal, Scientists in China and Japan identified ...

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