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An X-ray vision-like camera to rapidly retrieve 3D images

It's not exactly X-ray vision, but it's close. In research published in the journal Optica, University of California, Irvine researchers describe a new type of camera technology that, when aimed at an object, can rapidly ...

Imaging at the tip of a needle

A team of physicists, led by Dr. David Phillips from the University of Exeter, have pioneered a new way in which to control light that has been scrambled by passage through a single hair-thin strand of optical fiber. These ...

Anomalous weak values via a single photon detection

In the field of quantum measurement, weak values, introduced in 1988 by Aharonov, Albert and Vaidman (AAV), represent a most intriguing and puzzling paradigm, with many properties in sharp contrast to traditional (projective) ...

Opto-mechanical non-reciprocity in fiber

The internet era that we live in depends completely on the transfer of vast amounts of information over optical fibers. Optical fibers are literally everywhere. In fact, the overall length of optical fibers installed on our ...

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