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Optimizing carbonate classification on Mars

The Perseverance rover, successfully deployed to Jezero crater on Mars in 2021, has many jobs as it bumps along the planet's surface. These jobs include sampling organic compounds in rock and sediment to look for the building ...

Decrypting lunar craters quickly and easily

The surface of the moon tells the story of the inner solar system. Every meteorite that hits leaves its mark, and together those craters hold a record of the events that have occurred on and around the moon over the past ...

Researchers develop AI method for mapping planets

Creating geological maps of planetary surfaces such as those on Mars is a complex process. From data collection and analysis to publication in different formats, the production of maps is based on a time-consuming, multi-step ...

Zipping up data to zap it back from an icy moon

In the search for life beyond Earth, icy ocean moons like Jupiter's Europa and Saturn's Enceladus are promising possibilities that host potentially habitable environments. Evidence of these environments—and of possible ...

Satellites can accurately take Earth's temperature

Changes in near-surface air temperatures around the world are one of the most important indicators of climate change. But to fully capture the impact rising temperatures have on people, plants, and processes at Earth's surface, ...