Biomedical Optics Express is OSA's principal outlet for serving the biomedical optics community with rapid, open-access, peer-reviewed papers related to optics, photonics and imaging in the life sciences. The journal scope encompasses theoretical modeling and simulations, technology development, and biomedical studies and clinical applications. Topics include tissue optics and spectroscopy; laser interactions with and manipulation of molecules, cells and tissues; novel microscopies; optical coherence tomography; diffuse optical tomography; photoacoustic and multimodal imaging; molecular imaging and probe development; optical therapies; biosensing; optical biophysics; nanobiophotonics; photobiology; microfluidic optical devices; image reconstruction; and vision research.


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Researchers control biofilm formation using optical traps

Biofilms—slimy layers formed when bacteria stick together on a surface—allow bacteria to shield themselves from extreme environments and even evade antibiotics. In a new study, researchers have shown that laser light ...

Technology development could bring Raman microscopy to the clinic

Researchers have developed a Raman microscope that can acquire information hundreds of times faster than a conventional Raman microscope. Raman microscopy is a powerful non-invasive tool for performing complex chemical analysis ...

New imaging technology could help predict heart attacks

Researchers have developed a new intravascular imaging technique that could one day be used to detect coronary plaques that are likely to lead to a heart attack. Heart attacks are often triggered when an unstable plaque ruptures ...

New optical method paves way to breath test for cancer biomarker

Researchers have developed an extremely sensitive, yet simple optical method for detecting formaldehyde in a person's breath. Because formaldehyde is being studied as a potential biomarker for lung and breast cancer, the ...

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