ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that was established in 2009 by the American Chemical Society. The current editor in chief is Kirk S. Schanze. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces covers advanced active and passive electronic/optical materials, coatings, colloids, biomaterials and bio-interfaces, polymer materials, hybrid and composite materials; and friction and wear. It is currently indexed/abstracted in: CAS, MEDLINE/PubMed, Current Contents, and Science Citation Index.


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Crinkled coatings could prevent medical implants from failing

Medical implants could fail less often when coated with a microscopically crinkled, ceramic material designed by researchers at the University of Michigan. The coating is described in a paper published in ACS Applied Materials ...

'Nano stitches' enable lighter and tougher composite materials

To save on fuel and reduce aircraft emissions, engineers are looking to build lighter, stronger airplanes out of advanced composites. These engineered materials are made from high-performance fibers that are embedded in polymer ...

Research team creates a chemistry map for human cells

Scientists at NPL worked with Diamond Light Source to publish a study that shows how the chemistry of human cells changes, depending on the structure of their extracellular niche, are major determinants of cell responses ...

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