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These fruit bats trade food for sex

Egyptian fruit bat females living in captivity will consistently take food right from the mouths of their male peers. Now, the team that made that discovery is back with new evidence to explain why the males don't mind. As ...

Packs of wolf-dog hybrids threaten europe's wolves

"Swarms" of wolf-dog crossbreeds could drive Europe's wolves out of existence, according to the lead author of new research. Such hybridisation—driven by human activities that destroy habitats and mean wolves encounter ...

WHO unveils plan to tackle global snakebite 'emergency'

The World Health Organization on Thursday unveiled a new strategy to dramatically cut deaths and injuries from snakebites, warning a dearth of antivenoms could soon spark a "public health emergency".

Parasites dampen beetle's fight or flight response

Beetles infected with parasitic worms put up less of a fight against simulated attacks from predators and rival males, according to a study by Felicia Ebot-Ojong, Andrew Davis and Elizabeth Jurado at the University of Georgia, ...

How can spiders locate their prey?

A study published today by Dr. Beth Mortimer and colleagues at the Department of Zoology and University Carlos III of Madrid reveals that orb weaving spiders can compare 3-D vibrational inputs into their 8 legs from the web ...

'Out of this world': Sea dragon exhibit opens in California

At first glance, it looks like a branch of kelp, but then an eye moves among its leafy appendages, and ridges of tiny, translucent fins start to flutter, sending the creature gliding through the water like something from ...

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