New-found phenomenon that may improve hurricane forecasts

In a year like no other, it's certainly fitting that we had hurricane season that followed suit. It seemed every time we turned around, there was a tropical disturbance brewing that eventually became a named storm.

New evidence: Neandertals buried their dead

Was burial of the dead practiced by Neandertals or is it an innovation specific to our species? There are indications in favor of the first hypothesis but some scientists remain skeptical. For the first time in Europe, however, ...

Shipworms' competitive sex frenzy caught on film

A competitive sexual frenzy in which bigger appendages have the most success of reproducing might sound like the briefing for a porn film, but instead, it's the finding of a new study examining a clam.

The dynamics of nitrogen-based fertilizers in the root zone

Nutrient contamination of groundwater as a result of nitrogen-based fertilizers is a problem in many places in Europe. Calculations by a team of scientists led by the UFZ have shown that over a period of at least four months ...

Birth date for the 'roof of the world' recalibrated

As the 'roof of the world,' the Third Pole centered on the Tibetan Plateau can be easily considered a permanent presence. However, it is not. The place where Mount Everest stands today was once underwater. Exactly when the ...

Researchers achieve quantum advantage

University of Copenhagen researchers have advanced their quantum technology to such a degree that classical computing technology can no longer keep up. They have developed a chip that, with financial backing, could be scaled ...

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