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Humans unknowing midwives for pregnant moose

When it’s time for moose to give birth in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, they head to where it is safest from predators – namely closer to people, according to a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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New NEC Technology Isolates Viruses At the Core

NEC has developed a new technology for spotting, isolating and stopping viruses at the core level of its multi-core CPU. Thus, the system keeps running, while the infected core is disabled while a fix is developed and then ...

dateOct 09, 2007 in Software weblog
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Jules Verne dry cargo prepared in Turin

Around 180 kg of dry cargo which is to be carried into space on board Jules Verne, the first Automated Transfer Vehicle, is currently undergoing final preparation in Turin, Italy, ahead of shipment to the launch site in Kourou, ...

dateOct 09, 2007 in Space Exploration
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