Industry lobbies against biodiversity goals: research

Lobbyists for pesticide and fertiliser producers are pushing "behind the scenes" against stronger protection for species and ecosystems at the COP15 biodiversity conference, research showed Thursday.

How to build a resilient brand

Great brands are built over the long haul, yet the macroeconomic cycle forces brand managers to continually re-adjust their strategy to changing short-term market conditions. In the current environment, for example, managers ...

Mauna Loa lava no longer imminent threat to Hawaii highway

Lava from the world's largest volcano is no longer an imminent threat to the main highway across the Big Island of Hawaii, scientists said Thursday, a development that was a welcome reprieve for motorists who depend on the ...

Rare Apollo mission moon rock back in Cyprus after 50 years

Half a century after U.S. astronauts brought it back from the moon's surface, a minute piece of extraterrestrial rock has finally reached its intended destination, the east Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus.

Study shows new way for simple production of vicinal diamines

Among the most common structures relevant to the function of biologically active molecules, natural products and drugs are so-called vicinal diamines—in particular, unsymmetrically constructed diamines. Vicinal diamines ...

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