Airbus name Guillaume Faury to replace Enders

The board of European aerospace giant Airbus said Monday it had nominated Guillaume Faury to replace Tom Enders as chief executive after its general assembly next April.

When yesterday's agriculture feeds today's water pollution

A study led by researchers at Université de Montréal quantifies for the first time the maximum amount of nutrients—specifically, phosphorus—that can accumulate in a watershed before additional pollution is discharged ...

Copper ions flow like liquid through crystalline structures

Materials scientists have sussed out the physical phenomenon underlying the promising electrical properties of a class of materials called superionic crystals. A better understanding of such materials could lead to safer ...

Expanding fungal diversity, one cell at a time

They can be found on forest floors, swamps and in houses, ranging in size from smaller than the period on your smartphone's keyboard to stretching over several city blocks. More than a million species of fungi are estimated ...

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