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MIT instrument studies edge of sun's bubble

The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft have traveled beyond the edges of the bubble in space where the sun's constant outward wind of particles and radiation slams into the interstellar medium that pervades our galaxy. The first ...

dateJul 08, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Powering up microwave amplifiers for a wireless world

Four years ago, Europe trailed the rest of the world in microwave amplifier research and development. Now, however, European-designed transistors and amplifiers equal or outperform the competition worldwide. Today’s information-rich, ...

dateJul 08, 2008 in Engineering
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Improving swine waste fertilizer

Swine production generates large amounts of waste. While this waste contains nutrients that may serve as fertilizer when applied to agricultural fields, the ratio of nutrients in the waste is different than what a crop requires.

dateJul 08, 2008 in Environment
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Duckweed genome sequencing has global implications

Three plant biologists at Rutgers' Waksman Institute of Microbiology are obsessed with duckweed, a tiny aquatic plant with an unassuming name. Now they have convinced the federal government to focus its attention on duckweed's ...

dateJul 08, 2008 in
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Crop management: How small do we go?

The use of on-the-go crop and soil sensors has greatly increased the precision with which farmers can manage their crops. Recently released research in Agronomy Journal questions whether more precise management is necessarily ...

dateJul 08, 2008 in Other
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