GPM and Suomi-NPP fly above subtropical storm Ana

During the past few days subtropical storm ANA was developing off the southeastern coast of the United States. Yesterday and today the GPM core observatory satellite had two good views of subtropical storm ANA. The image ...

Noul's impending landfall raises warning #2 in Luzon

The Philippines warning center has raised a #2 warning for its citizens in the Luzon province of Catanduanes. This warning indicates, among other things, that the tropical cyclone will affect the locality and that winds of ...

Altering genes with the aid of light

Scientists have been manipulating genes for a while. The University of Pittsburgh's Alexander Deiters just found a way to control the process with higher precision.

Revealing a dead man's story through his bones

Little is known about the Royal Naval Hospital's cemetery in Antigua, and with little but the bones themselves to go on, researchers turn to synchrotron imaging to uncover the histories of the men buried there.

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