Shooting for Shooting Stars

(PhysOrg.com) -- You know them as "shooting stars," or meteors. Space scientists know them as the fiery end of tiny visitors from space. Those momentary streaks of light across the night sky are nothing more than small to ...

Tech industry recovery under way, says Forrester

(AP) -- A new report on information technology provided further evidence that an industry recovery is under way, with U.S. spending now expected to grow faster than previously believed.

NASA chief charts agency's shuttle-less future

(AP) -- NASA may not be going to the moon anytime soon and its space shuttles are about to be retired, but it could conceivably increase the number of agency jobs under a new reorganization, NASA's chief said Thursday.

2010 Major Meteor Showers

(PhysOrg.com) -- The very best thing you can do to maximize your meteor shower enjoyment is get as far away from light pollution (city lights, etc.) as you can and find a location with a clear, unclouded view of the night ...

Pull-chain 'polymer' solves puzzle of complex molecular packing

(PhysOrg.com) -- Sometimes the simplest things hold the key to understanding complex effects. It turns out that a humble metal pull-chain -- just like those used on ceiling fans -- can be a pretty good model for complex properties ...

India's billion-dollar 3G auction set to open

In an auction set to open Friday, India's mobile firms will bid billions of dollars to provide superfast third generation (3G) service in the country's booming cellular market.

EPA tightens rules on pesticide linked to deaths

(AP) -- Federal officials have moved quickly to clamp down on the use of potent rodent-killing pesticides after one was linked to the deaths of two Utah girls earlier this year.

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