Long-distance communication, microbial style

Scientists knew that the microbe Shewanella oneidensis transformed the electronic structure of the iron oxide it touched in the ground as well as without direct contact. Scientists from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory ...

Microsoft acquires applications monitor AVIcode

US software giant Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has bought AVIcode, a Maryland-based company that monitors the performance of online applications and services.

Verizon says fast 4G wireless coming to 38 cities

(AP) -- Verizon Wireless said Wednesday that its new wireless broadband network, which offers higher data speeds initially for laptop users, will be live before the end of the year in the cities on the Boston-to-Washington ...

Sharp presents 4096 x 2160 consumer LCD TV screen

In a high definition world, 1080p has been the latest standard for LCD screens. All of that is quickly changing thanks to Sharp Corporation's newest LCD prototype that boasts a whopping four-times higher resolution display ...

Cisco to sell videoconferencing box for the home

(AP) -- Cisco Systems Inc., seeking to become a bigger name in consumer electronics, said Wednesday that it's going to start selling a $599 box that turns living-room TV sets into big videophones.

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