Hamburg leads charge with Germany's first diesel ban

Hamburg on Thursday became the first German city to ban older diesel vehicles from some roads, a measure that is largely symbolic but disputed by carmakers and the government.

The future is fenced for Australian animals

Many of Australia's mammals spend their entire lives imprisoned, glimpsing the outside world through tall chain-link fences and high-voltage wires. There are dozens of these enclosures across Australia. Many are remote, standing ...

Indian government heads for airline auction flop

India's government could be forced to rethink the auction of a majority stake in its debt-stricken airline Air India, with no bids yet received with a deadline looming Thursday.

New quantum computer design to predict molecule properties

The standard approach to building a quantum computer with majoranas as building blocks is to convert them into qubits. However, a promising application of quantum computing—quantum chemistry—would require these qubits ...

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