Researchers design AI system to diagnose pain levels in sheep

The researchers have developed an AI system which uses five different facial expressions to recognise whether a sheep is in pain, and estimate the severity of that pain. The results could be used to improve sheep welfare, ...

Sizzling snails prioritize protein stability

If our body temperature increases by even 1°C, we fell pretty sick, but Echinolittorina malaccana periwinkles routinely experience and survive temperatures in excess of 55°C. It turns out that the thermotolerant molluscs ...

With or without Trump, US businesses moving on climate

President Donald Trump may be dragging out his decision on whether to ditch the Paris climate agreement, but major American corporations have not waited for a government signal to start cutting their carbon emissions.

Seven tons of African pangolin scales seized in Hong Kong

A conservation group says the seizure of seven tons of pangolin scales in Hong Kong this week indicates that the heavily poached creature "could soon vanish for good" if urgent steps are not taken to protect it.

Linguistic style is key to crowdfunding success

In one of the first crowdfunding studies focusing on social enterprises, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have found that how a pitch is voiced and worded is much more important for social entrepreneurs ...

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