Scientists pioneer 3-D-printed drug delivering micro-needles

Researchers have developed a new technique to produce a 3D 'micro-printed' array of needles capable of drug delivery. The technique would offer a pain-free drug delivery device that would allow drugs to diffuse within the ...

Octocopter! Experimental drone for agricultural research

Following the revelation that English Premiership football club Everton FC is using drones to monitor player training sessions, it seems there's nothing these Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) aren't being primed to do: everything ...

Titan helps unpuzzle decades-old plutonium perplexities

First produced in 1940, plutonium is one of the most electronically complicated elements on Earth—and because of its complexities, scientists have been struggling to prove the existence of its magnetic properties ever since.

EPA sets stricter emission standards for oil refineries

The Environmental Protection Agency announced new rules Tuesday to reduce toxic air pollution from oil refineries by forcing operators to adopt new technology that better monitors and controls emissions.

Mobile ticket app TodayTix broadens its American reach

TodayTix, the mobile app for theater tickets, has already gotten applause in New York and London. Now it plans to open in some key U.S. cities, as part of what its founders say is a "pretty aggressive roadmap over the next ...

More auto tech could curb road accidents: researchers

New automotive safety technologies available today could sharply reduce road accidents in the United States, saving thousands of lives and billions in societal costs, researchers said Tuesday.

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