Spanish astronomer discovers new binary star of EW type

Spanish astronomer Salvador Barquin has detected a new binary star system in the Draco constellation. The newly found system, registered by the discoverer in the International Variable Star Index (VSX), is an EW-type eclipsing ...

Sustainability in populist times

Flying is cheaper than driving a car, but a disaster for the environment. Yet few politicians dare to levy excise duty on kerosene. This is only one example from a world where emotions and yelling are burying facts, and in ...

Stop and search report leads to policy change

Police Scotland has changed the way it carries out stop and search following a series of recommendations made by researchers at the University of Dundee and Edinburgh Napier University.

Starbucks and the impact of implicit bias training

On Tuesday, Starbucks stores in the United States will close for part of the day to deliver "implicit bias training" for all of its employees. Canadian Starbucks employees will get similar training June 11.

Molecular biologists compared human and yeast FACT

A protein complex called facilitates chromatin transcription (FACT) plays a role in DNA packing within a nucleus, as well as in oncogenesis. A team of scientists from MSU, working in cooperation with foreign colleagues, have ...

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