Bioengineers create stable networks of blood vessels

Yale biomedical engineers have created an implantable system that can form and stabilize a functional network of fine blood vessels critical for supporting tissues in the body, according to a report in the Proceedings of ...

Poll: Gas tax increase might fly

A New York Times/CBS News poll suggests Americans might OK a gasoline tax hike if it reduced global warming or lessened U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

Scientists confirm historic massive flood in climate change

Scientists from NASA and Columbia University, New York, have used computer modeling to successfully reproduce an abrupt climate change that took place 8,200 years ago. At that time, the beginning of the current warm period, ...

Hotbar settles adware spat with Symantec

Israeli firm Hotbar.com has settled a lawsuit filed over a security company's right to label Hotbar as "low risk adware," the Hebrew news Web site Ynet said.

Consumer group urges preserving phone tax

A consumer group is urging Congress to be wary of a proposal to change the Universal Service Fund long-distance charge to a flat per-line charge.

Israel Railways to offer wireless Internet

Israel Railways now offers wireless Internet in one of its stations and plans to extend the service to the other stations and eventually to the train cars.

Israeli tech incubators celebrate success

Airline passengers in Newark, N.J., and open-heart-surgery patients worldwide have the Israeli government to thank for the technological innovations that keep them safe and healthy, officials of the technology incubator program ...

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