5G deploys citywide WiFi network in Lagos

California's 5G Wireless had finished deploying a citywide wireless broadband network in the Nigerian capital of Lagos.

5G announced Tuesday that its Citywide Base Station network of WiFi base stations would bring high-speed wireless Internet connectivity to homes, offices and other locations in Lagos and surrounding communities.

The WiFi project was established with Polestar, 5G's marketing partner in Nigeria, and will be established later in other areas of the country.

"The Internet access being offered by Polestar and powered by 5G Wireless is unrivaled in terms of speed, download capacity, and virtual connections within the city of Lagos," said Polestar Chief Executive Officer Obasi Uba Obasi. "This is just the first step in setting off other deployments across other key cities in Nigeria."

Citywide Base Station is compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g technology standards and runs off macro-cell base stations mounted on towers and atop tall buildings, which 5G said fills in the dead spots that vex other WiFi systems.

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