Nuclear weapons technology for a new generation of policymakers

Policymaking for nuclear security requires a strong grasp of the associated technical matters. That grasp came naturally in the early decades of the nuclear era, when scientists and engineers were deeply engaged in policymaking.

Blackhole with warped accretion disc discovered

An international team of astrophysicists from South Africa, the UK, France and the US have found large variations in the brightness of light seen from around one of the closest black holes in our Galaxy, 9,600 light-years ...

Talk-to-tilt: Head tilting in dogs

According to a new study, just published in Animal Cognition, some dogs, those that can learn the name of their toys, tilt their heads upon hearing their owners requesting a toy. The side of the tilt seems to be consistent ...

Scientists find no hint of sterile neutrino

New results from the MicroBooNE experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory deal a blow to a theoretical particle known as the sterile neutrino. There is no such thing.

When does reputation lie?

Consider two stories: the first, about a boy who gets all the attention. He's the cool kid in class who comes from a well-known family. He seems to soar through life. When he errs, few seem to care. The more popular he is, ...

New tool untangles complex dynamics on hypergraphs

Networks are a powerful model for describing connected systems in biological, physical, social, and other environments. As useful as they are, though, conventional networks are static and are limited to describing links between ...

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