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NASA's dirty secret: Moon dust

The Apollo Moon missions of 1969-1972 all share a dirty secret. "The major issue the Apollo astronauts pointed out was dust, dust, dust," says Professor Larry Taylor, Director of the Planetary Geosciences Institute at the ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Compound could help detect chemical, biological weapons

( -- A light-transmitting compound that could one day be used in high-efficiency fiber optics and in sensors to detect biological and chemical weapons at long distance almost went undiscovered by scientists because ...

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Engineer: Head-first slide is quicker

Base running and base stealing would seem to be arts driven solely by a runner's speed, but there's more than mere gristle, bone and lung power to this facet of baseball -- there are lots of mathematics and physics at play.

dateSep 26, 2008 in Mathematics
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