Archive: 26/09/2008

Tweezers Trap Nanotubes by Color

Singled-walled carbon nanotubes are graphene sheets wrapped into tubes, and are typically made up of various sizes and with different amounts of twist (also known as chiralities). Each type of nanotube has its own electronic ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in Nanophysics
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Toshiba Launches 256GB Solid State Drives with MLC

Toshiba today announced enhancements to its line-up of NAND-flash-based solid state drives (SSD) with the addition of an industry-leading 256-gigabyte (GB) SSD and the launch of a series of small-sized Flash Modules for netbook ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in Hardware
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Hybrid Nanoparticles Image and Treat Tumors

( -- By combining a magnetic nanoparticle, a fluorescent quantum dot, and an anticancer drug within a lipid-based nanoparticle, a multi-institutional research team headed by members of the National Cancer Institute’s ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in Bio & Medicine
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New underwater robot can hover in place

( -- MIT researchers have designed a new robotic underwater vehicle that can hover in place like a helicopter -- an invaluable tool for deepwater oil explorers, marine archaeologists, oceanographers and others.

dateSep 26, 2008 in Engineering
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STERN rocket firing completed

( -- The performance of unpiloted, reuseable spaceplanes could be significantly improved thanks to the completion of the Static Test Expansion/Deflection Rocket Nozzle (STERN) engine test programme.

dateSep 26, 2008 in Space Exploration
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