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Scientists find stem cell switch

Scientists have discovered how plant stem cells in roots detect soil structure and whether it is favourable for growth.

dateJul 26, 2007 in
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Oxford survey on internet use in Britain

The Oxford Internet Institute has released the OxIS Report 2007, the latest report in a series OII surveys that examine internet access, use and attitudes in Britain. A key finding is that a digital divide continues to exist.

dateJul 26, 2007 in Internet
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MIT duo see people-powered 'Crowd Farm'

Two graduate students at MIT's School of Architecture and Planning want to harvest the energy of human movement in urban settings, like commuters in a train station or fans at a concert.

dateJul 26, 2007 in Engineering
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New Mars lander about to launch

NASA’s new Phoenix lander is due to launch for Mars next week where it will probe the arctic landscape searching for conditions favourable for past or present life. UK scientists from the University of Bristol and Imperial ...

dateJul 26, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Satellite multimedia for mobile 'phones'

ESA’s Telecommunications Department is supporting the development of technology needed for satellite systems to broadcast digital multimedia content such as video, television programmes, radio, and data to mobile telephones ...

dateJul 26, 2007 in Telecom
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Opposites interfere

In a classic physics experiment, photons (light particles), electrons, or any other quantum particles are fired, one at a time, at a sheet with two slits cut in it that sits in front of a recording plate. For photons, a photographic ...

dateJul 26, 2007 in General Physics
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