Satellites see Tropical Storm Nadine 'refuse to go away'

Nearly two weeks after becoming a tropical storm in the central Atlantic back on September 11th, NASA satellites confirm that Nadine is still spinning away south of the Azores as a minimal tropical storm. One of those satellites ...

Researchers study black holes to measure photon mass

(Phys.org)—A global team of scientists, including a University of Mississippi physicist, has determined the best constraint on the mass of photons so far, using observations of super-massive black holes.

Fast algorithm extracts, compares document meaning

A computer program could compare two documents and work spot the differences in their meaning using a fast semantic algorithm developed by information scientists in Poland.

US panel approves uranium enrichment plant (Update)

(AP)—A nuclear power partnership of General Electric Co. and Tokyo-based Hitachi Ltd. received federal approval Tuesday to build the first plant to enrich uranium for use in commercial reactors using a classified laser ...

Retailers to add radical 'focus later' camera

A radical camera that lets users adjust the focus after taking pictures will be available in October at shops in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States.

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