Beekeepers Work Hard For The Honey

Van Morrison sang about it, Peter Fonda starred in a movie about it, and people from all over the world will pay top dollar just to get some of it. It's tupelo honey, a honey so distinct, light and smooth that people describe ...

Spirit Clears Away Dust And Loads New Software

Beginning July 22 in the early hours of its 907th Martian day, or sol, Spirit began knitting together and testing all 200 pieces of new flight software that mission controllers transmitted to the rover in recent weeks.

Immigration Continues to Fuel Growth in Western States and U.S.

Between the years 2000 and 2030, the populations of Arizona and Nevada are projected to double, with Nevada soon overtaking Utah to become the third most populous state in the Intermountain region. (At present Arizona ranks ...

Study: Barking causes stress in dogs

U.S. veterinary scientists say the overwhelming noise of barking at the nation's animal shelters causes problems for both shelter employees and the dogs.

For FTC, e-commerce means managing 'mice'

Only on the Internet could a site hawking dancing hamster animations, accompanied by hamster-sung harmonies, be paid advertising royalties from corporate giants like Wal-Mart and American Express. But the future earning power ...

California heat wave may be global warming

Scientists say although summer usually brings "heat waves," California's recent record high temperatures might be the result of global warming.

Roman ruin found under Roman palazzo

Italian archaeologists say they have discovered the ruins of an ancient Roman official's home buried under a palazzo at the edge of the Roman forum.

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