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Fruit fly phlebotomy holds neuroscience promise

Drawing blood from a fruit fly may only be slightly easier than getting it from a proverbial stone or turnip, but success could provide substantial benefits for neuroscientists.

dateMar 25, 2008 in
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Corruption is Expensive, But Who Pays the Bills?

One often must look no further than today’s headlines to find examples of personal failure, corporate financial woes and political corruption. But how does political integrity affect the bottom line? A University of Missouri ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Other
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Satellites take sustainability to new heights

Shell Canada has incorporated Earth Observation data into its Sustainable Development Report, demonstrating the potential of satellites to provide a global and cost-effective way to measure objectively the sustainability ...

dateMar 25, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Avatar Mimics You in Real Time

It’s a little bit like looking in the mirror at your cartoon double, except that the “reflection” is an avatar on your computer screen. Wave your hand, nod your head, speak a sentence, and your avatar does the same.

dateMar 25, 2008 in Computer Sciences feature
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