How 'houses as ATMs' feed a recession

For most Americans, their home is their most valuable asset, so it makes sense to borrow against the equity to obtain cash. In lean times, that money can be spent on consumption, which keeps the economy humming along. But ...

Empowering the communities most vulnerable to disaster

In her prior life, Jaishree Beedasy was teaching chemical engineering courses. Then she decided to pursue her main interest, which is studying the impact of disasters on the health of vulnerable communities. While disasters ...

Expanding virophage diversity

Virophages are small viruses with double-stranded DNA genomes that co-infect eukaryotic cells along with giant viruses. Almost all known virophage genomes share only four genes in common: major and minor capsid proteins (MCP ...

Fault lines appear in 'livable city' urban plans

Two of Australia's leading strategic urban plans could be used or expanded to do much more to promote better places to live for all residents, according to a new report.

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