Meet the cost-efficient wave turbine

Marmok-5, a new device using wave-powered turbines to generate up to 30kW of electricity, has recently been deployed at the BiMEP site, on the northern coast of Spain. The device produces enough energy to run a medium-sized ...

Keeping tabs on aging power cables to prevent outages

Switzerland's power grid comprises over 250,000 kilometers of lines. Composed of a transmission and a distribution network, the voltage is gradually reduced from 380,000 to 230 volts enroute to the consumer. The aboveground ...

Robot 'learns' how to function in human environments

Think your office is too cluttered for a robot to deal with? New research from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm shows how robots can autonomously 'learn' their way around a dynamic human environment.

A house designed for drought

A team of UC Davis students are tackling the California drought through innovative housing design with their entry for the U.S. Department of Energy's 2017 Solar Decathlon.

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