Nanowires detect molecular signs of cancer

Harvard University researchers have found that molecular markers indicating the presence of cancer in the body are readily detected in blood scanned by special arrays of silicon nanowires -- even when these cancer markers ...

Calif. protects Verizon's IP switch turf

Verizon says a regulatory ruling in California opens the door for the company's push into packet-switch technology for next-generation broadband telephony.

The Living Worlds Hypothesis

Saturn's moon Titan is enveloped in a thick orange haze, and the organic particles that make up that smog have been raining out of the atmosphere and down onto the surface for millennia. This rich chemical brew is thought ...

Gas hydrates research expedition begins

An international team of scientists has started a six-week expedition off the coast of Vancouver Island to conduct research beneath the Earth's crust.

High hopes for Sony's cut-throat plans

When Howard Stringer took over the helm of Japanese electronics giant Sony in June, many expected the Welsh national to be merciless in sacking people and closing down factories in an effort to boost profits.

Mars Doubles In Brightness

Ready to be amazed? Step outside tonight around midnight and look east. About halfway up the sky you'll see the planet Mars. It looks like an intense red star (as photographed here on Sep 8 by Stan Richard in rural Jasper ...

From shared to distributed memory systems for applications

Shared-memory computing applications have never taken particularly well to operating on distributed-memory systems, at least until now. A possible solution has emerged, of interest to NASA and IBM, and is being tested on ...

The Rise Of The Body Bots

Today, in Japan and the United States, engineers are finally putting some practical exoskeletons through their paces outside of laboratories.

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