Calif. protects Verizon's IP switch turf

Verizon says a regulatory ruling in California opens the door for the company's push into packet-switch technology for next-generation broadband telephony.

The California Public Utilities Commission Thursday ruled that Verizon was not obligated to share its packet-switch technology with competitors at wholesale rates, a situation that had stalled Verizon's plans to bring it to California for about a year.

"Verizon is pleased that it can finally move ahead with the implementation of packet switching in California, because it is the engine that will drive Verizon's network of the future," Verizon Regional Vice President Tim McCallion said in a news release.

Packet switching is also known as IP switching and is considered the best platform for enhanced services such as VoIP telephone and FiOS television, digital TV delivered to the customer over fiber-optic cables.

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