Recycling tech gadgets to reduce environmental pollution

The Silicon Valley innovation miracle that has ushered in dizzying new ways for people to live, work and play also has intensified the pressure to find environmentally responsible ways to dispose of gadgets rendered obsolete.

Headphones that deliver 3-D sound

In the virtual reality video game "Secret Shop," players hear a door creak open behind them, prompting them to turn around and set the game's plot into motion.

Why a future Apple-FBI case may go very differently

Although it fiercely opposes the FBI's demand for help unlocking a San Bernardino shooter's encrypted iPhone, Apple has never argued that it simply can't do what the government wants. That might not be true for long.

Solar incentives sunset as states grapple with tight budgets

Thousands of homeowners and small businesses in New Mexico—the second sunniest state in the nation—have invested nearly a quarter billion dollars in roof-top solar and related labor thanks to a program fueled by tax credits.

Chinese national admits hacking US defense firms

A Chinese national pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges stemming from the hacking of trade secrets from US defense contractors, including plans for transport and fighter jets, officials said.

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