Archive: 22/09/2008

Robot wheelchair finds its own way

( -- MIT researchers are developing a new kind of autonomous wheelchair that can learn all about the locations in a given building, and then take its occupant to a given place in response to a verbal command.

dateSep 22, 2008 in Robotics
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Mars polar cap mystery solved

( -- Scientists are now able to better explain why Mars’s residual southern ice cap is misplaced, thanks to data from ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft - the martian weather system is to blame. And so is the largest ...

dateSep 22, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Ocean floor geysers warm flowing sea water

An international team of earth scientists report movement of warmed sea water through the flat, Pacific Ocean floor off Costa Rica. The movement is greater than that off midocean volcanic ridges. The finding suggests possible ...

dateSep 22, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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