94-million-year-old climate change event holds clues for future

A major climate event millions of years ago that caused substantial change to the ocean's ecological systems may hold clues as to how the Earth will respond to future climate change, a Florida State University researcher ...

Israel plans law against using Facebook for 'terror'

Israel's justice and internal security ministers on Wednesday announced plans to propose legislation banning the use of Facebook to advance "terror" and outlawing incitement from the Internet.

Russia invests in futuristic Hyperloop train

A Russian state fund said Wednesday it had invested in the company Hyperloop One which is developing a futuristic train project that will propel people and cargo in capsules via low-pressure tubes.

Team predicts a universe crowded with black holes

A new study published in Nature presents one of the most complete models of matter in the universe and predicts hundreds of massive black hole mergers each year observable with the second generation of gravitational wave ...

The World's oldest farmers

An international team of researchers has discovered the oldest fossil evidence of agriculture, not by humans, but by insects.

Rare moth in severe decline at its last English site

Numbers of a rare species of moth - found only in York in England - have tumbled in recent years, a team including researchers from the University of York have discovered.

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