Archive: 22/05/2006

'Wireless home' becomes a reality

The wireless home, where multiple gadgets share an online connection, is moving from sci-fi speculation to reality for millions of WiFi users. According to reports from StrategyAnalytics, 20 percent of broadband subscribers ...

dateMay 22, 2006 in Telecom
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Networking: Small firms struggling

Small and medium-size enterprises are lagging on IT security, and many still utilize first-generation security solutions that are now ineffective against significant threats that may sabotage their networks, experts are telling ...

dateMay 22, 2006 in Internet
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Dog to be world's first whale poop expert

University of Washington scientists are training an Australian cattle dog for an unusual assignment: detecting whale excrement to help the endangered mammals.

dateMay 22, 2006 in
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Research highlights how bacteria produce energy

The world's smallest life forms could be the answer to one of today's biggest problems: providing sustainable, renewable energy for the future. Using a variety of natural food sources, bacteria can be used to create electricity, ...

dateMay 22, 2006 in
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