In Brief: Silk building 720 Gbs network in Australia

Silk Telecom will build a high-bandwidth fiber-optic services network in rural South Australia and Victoria.

The project is the first in Australia to employ Nortel's Common Photonic Layer (CPL) technology, which can deliver speeds of 720 Gigabits per second and support a variety of services over long distances.

CPL is Nortel's DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) platform for transporting data, voice and Ethernet to business customers.

"The CPL fundamentally changes the way optical networks transmit information by reducing the number of amplifiers needed for long-range, high bandwidth transmissions," Mark Stevens, head of Nortel in Australia and New Zealand , said in a news release Sunday. "This makes it particularly suited to sparsely populated, expansive regions like Australia, where getting high bandwidth services to regional areas can be cost-prohibitive."

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