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Indoor Composting With NatureMill (w/Video)

( -- Many people throw out organic food waste. When I do this, I feel vaguely guilty, knowing I should probably compost it for my backyard garden. However, last time we tried to compost, the neighbors got upset. ...

dateApr 22, 2009 in Other weblog
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Herschel satellite weighed and fuelled

( -- About two weeks ago, Herschel was weighed to record its dry mass before the satellite was fuelled with 256 kg of liquid hydrazine. After switching it on to confirm normal function, engineers integrated the ...

dateApr 22, 2009 in Space Exploration
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How house-hunting ants choose the best home

( -- Direct comparison of alternatives isn’t always the best way to make a decision - at least if you’re an ant. House-hunting rock ants collectively manage to choose the best nest-site without needing to ...

dateApr 22, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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