Archive: 22/02/2011

'Harmless' microbes may be water risk

( -- Relatively harmless microbes which pass through water treatment systems could be allowing dangerous bacteria, such as Legionella, to reproduce in drinking water supplies, researchers have warned following ...

dateFeb 22, 2011 in Environment
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Video sharing site busts the quality barrier

( -- When you upload video to a sharing site like YouTube, something gets lost in the translation: quality. Such services heavily compress files, often blurring out fine details and sprinkling the video with the ...

dateFeb 22, 2011 in Computer Sciences
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China's state news agency launches search engine

(AP) -- China's main government news agency launched an Internet search site Tuesday, giving its own sanitized view of the Web following Google's closure of its China-based search engine last year over censorship.

dateFeb 22, 2011 in Internet
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German iPhone app guides handicapped around cities

(AP) -- Raul Krauthausen, who has used a wheelchair since childhood, has always been uncomfortable with the services Germany provides for the physically handicapped, like special taxis and grocery delivery - saying they ...

dateFeb 22, 2011 in Software
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