Taking Hulu Plus, iPad for a road test

With the iPad, there's finally a relatively convenient, generally watchable way to take TV shows with you wherever you and Wi-Fi wander.

Can chaos theory help predict heart attacks?

Chaos models may someday help model cardiac arrhythmias -- abnormal electrical rhythms of the heart, say researchers in the journal CHAOS, which is published by the American Institute of Physics.

Researchers identify new protein

(PhysOrg.com) -- A Brigham Young University team led by Laura Bridgewater, who delivered the university forum address Tuesday, recently identified a new version of a protein involved in several key processes in the body.

Nanotech coatings produce 20 times more electricity from sewage

Engineers at Oregon State University have made a significant advance toward producing electricity from sewage, by the use of new coatings on the anodes of microbial electrochemical cells that increased the electricity production ...

Quantum entanglement in photosynthesis and evolution

Recently, academic debate has been swirling around the existence of unusual quantum mechanical effects in the most ubiquitous of phenomena, including photosynthesis, the process by which organisms convert light into chemical ...

Black Hole Gets Jerked Around -- Twice

(PhysOrg.com) -- Scientists have found evidence that a giant black hole has been jerked around twice, causing its spin axis to point in a different direction from before. This discovery, made with new data from NASA's Chandra ...

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