Archive: 21/07/2010

Carbon nanotubes as transistor material

Swiss researchers have built a transistor whose crucial element is a carbon nano-tube, suspended between two contacts, with outstanding electronic properties. A novel fabrication approach allowed the scientists to construct ...

dateJul 21, 2010 in Nanomaterials
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Cancer-metabolism link runs deep in humans

Eighty years ago, the medical establishment believed cancer was caused by a dysfunction of metabolism, but the idea went out of vogue. Now, scientists are again looking at metabolism and its role in cancer and other common ...

dateJul 21, 2010 in General Physics
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Netflix 2Q profit shines, stock still loses luster

(AP) -- Netflix Inc.'s second-quarter performance got panned by investors Wednesday for bringing in less revenue than expected, even though the movie subscription service added a million more customers to produce another ...

dateJul 21, 2010 in Business
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Turkey ill-prepared for earthquake

(AP) -- More than a decade after a devastating earthquake revealed dangerously shoddy construction across Turkey, authorities are failing to enforce stricter building codes and protect people from another deadly quake, according ...

dateJul 21, 2010 in Earth Sciences
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