Details revealed for how plant creates anticancer compounds

Catharanthus roseus (rosy periwinkle) is a plant that produces organic compounds used to treat cancer, arrhythmia, and other medical conditions. A Japanese research group has revealed the details of the metabolism process ...

How yeast makes heads or tails of itself

Yeast has been a friend to humanity since ancient times, when people first learned to harness the organism to make bread and brew beer.

Apple goes small for new iPhone, iPad (Update 5)

Apple went small on Monday—cutting prices as well as screen size—as it unveiled a new iPhone and iPad aimed at first-time buyers and customers in emerging markets.

Google helps offer vastly faster Internet in Cuba

Google is opening a cutting-edge online technology center at the studio of one of Cuba's most famous artists, offering free Internet at speeds nearly 70 times faster than those now available to the Cuban public. President ...

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