Obama meets Internet bosses on surveillance (Update)

US President Barack Obama met bosses from Facebook, Google and other Internet giants Friday to discuss plans to overhaul US spy agency surveillance practices which have infuriated the industry.

Media General to buy LIN in $2.6 bn US broadcast deal

US broadcaster Media General said Friday it will buy LIN Media in a $2.6 billion deal that creates the nation's second-largest television broadcasting company and a digital media powerhouse.

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Gillian reborn near Java

NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the reborn tropical cyclone known as Gillian on March 21 and captured a visible image of the storm, located just south of the island of Java.

US police phone-tracking accords often kept secret (Update)

Police across the U.S. may be intercepting phone calls or text messages to find suspects using a technology tool known as Stingray. But they are refusing to turn over details about its use or heavily censoring files when ...

Forests crucial to green growth

The value of forests and tree-based ecosystems extends far beyond carbon sequestration; they are the foundation of sustainable societies.

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