Chile museum to return Easter Island 'head'

Chile's National Museum of Natural History said Monday it will return to Easter Island an enormous stone statue taken from the Rapa Nui people and brought to the mainland 150 years ago.

A study uncovers the 'grammar' behind human gene regulation

A research group at the University of Helsinki has discovered the logic that controls gene regulation in human cells. In the future, this new knowledge could be used for investigating cancers and other genetic diseases.

Beetles in climate change

As a result of the droughts of recent years, a pronounced tree mortality that has left clearly visible gaps in forests and parks has been observed in Germany. All climate projections indicate that such events will occur more ...

Sequencing puts carnivore chromosomes in context

Studies comparing animal genomes generally focus on the DNA sequence itself. A new study by researchers at the University of California, Davis shows how the three-dimensional scaffolding of chromosomes is related across several ...

Molecule snapshot by explosion

Exploding a photo subject in order to take its picture? An international research team at the European XFEL, the world's largest X-ray laser, applied this "extreme" method to take pictures of complex molecules. The scientists ...

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