Role model stem cells: How immune cells can self-renew

When our organs age or wear out, their renewal usually depends on a few stem cells in the tissue, because the vast majority of differentiated cells have lost their ability to divide and generate new cells. A German-French ...

Study zeros in on plate tectonics' start date

Earth has some special features that set it apart from its close cousins in the solar system, including large oceans of liquid water and a rich atmosphere with just the right ingredients to support life as we know it. Earth ...

Molecular-like photochemistry from semiconductor nanocrystals

Researchers from North Carolina State University have demonstrated the transfer of triplet exciton energy from semiconductor nanocrystals to surface-bound molecular acceptors, extending the lifetime of the originally prepared ...

Parents positive about classes

Mums and dads are likely to sign up for parenting classes - but only if there is adequate funding, according to new research.

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