Can the Eastern U.S. get a fifth of its power from wind by 2024?

Major upgrades to the transmission infrastructure and a sizable chunk of cash from private investors and the government are necessary for the Midwest and East Coast to move to 20 percent wind power by 2024, according to a ...

Genetics helps to crack down on chimpanzee smuggling

The population of chimpanzees across western Africa has decreased by 75% in the past 30 years, due in part to widespread chimp hunting. New strategies are needed to curb this illegal activity. Research published in BioMed ...

Zebrafish swim into drug development

By combining the tools of medicinal chemistry and zebrafish biology, a team of Vanderbilt investigators has identified compounds that may offer therapeutic leads for bone-related diseases and cancer.

Researchers suggest new memory storage mineral

(PhysOrg.com) -- Researcher Derek Stewart says the mineral kotoite could be an ideal insulator for memory storage devices called magnetic tunnel junctions.

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