Study finds more tunnels in ant nests means more food for colony

A UC San Diego study of the underground "architecture" of harvester ant nests has found that the more connected the chambers an ant colony builds near the surface entrance, the faster the ants are able to collect nearby sources ...

US Army intelligence system said down during hospital attack

The U.S. Army's $5 billion intelligence network, which is designed to give commanders battlefield awareness but has been criticized for years as a boondoggle, was not working in Afghanistan during the recent American air ...

Consumer Reports hits reliability of 'best car' Tesla

Two months after the influential Consumer Reports called Tesla's Model S the best-performing car ever, it pulled back slightly Tuesday, saying the luxury electric has more than average repair issues.

Facebook Instant Articles hit iPhones

A new Facebook feature that quickly displays news stories shared by friends at the leading social network arrived on iPhones on Tuesday and was heading for Android-powered devices.

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