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Running on rocket fuel

In the world of "cut and thrust," humans try to bank money to obtain financial security, and often form cooperatives to reduce risks and increase gains. Many humans also end up in poverty traps, where because of meager resources ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in
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Inmates conduct ecological research on slow-growing mosses

Nalini Nadkarni of Evergreen State College currently advises a team of researchers who sport shaved heads, tattooed biceps and prison-issued garb rather than the lab coats and khakis typically worn by researchers. Why is ...

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Cosmic Lens Reveals Distant Galactic Violence

( -- By cleverly unraveling the workings of a natural cosmic lens, astronomers have gained a rare glimpse of the violent assembly of a young galaxy in the early Universe. Their new picture suggests that the galaxy ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in Astronomy
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Climate Change, Acid Rain Could Be Good for Forests

( -- After more than 20 years of research in the northern hardwood forests of Michigan, scientists at Michigan Technological University's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science have reached a surprising ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in Environment
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Phoenix Gets Bonus Soil Sample

( -- The Mars Phoenix Lander's robotic arm successfully delivered soil into oven six of the lander's thermal and evolved-gas analyzer (TEGA) on Monday, Oct. 13, or Martian day (sol) 137 of the mission.

dateOct 20, 2008 in Space Exploration
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